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PS Plus
PS Plus

Various research studies have been undertaken on PS Plus. Please click the links below to open your chosen report:

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of PS Plus, HM Prison Service, The National Probation Service or NOMS. The reports refer only to offenders on the PS Plus project, and are not a reflection of the establishments and probation areas involved.

Measuring Improvements to Employability Through Distance Travelled

This report details the benefits of the distance travelled tool within CATS. Studying distance travelled has been able to reinforce that PS Plus intervention has had a significant impact on improving employability. In particular, actions and referals made on a beneficiary's Community Integration Plan and the extensive and varied activities undertaken by a beneficiary are significant in helping to improve employability.

...Click here to download the full report or click here to download a summary.

The Effect of Employment on Re-Imprisonment

This study involved an investigation into the movements of PS Plus beneficiaries after PS Plus intervention. The research concluded that beneficiaries who left prison with employment brokered by PS Plus were less likely to be re-imprisoned and were imprisoned later and for less time than those beneficiaries without a PS Plus employment outcome.

...Click here to download the full report or click here to download a summary.

Are High Risk Offenders More Suited to Self Employment on Release?

This study investigates the relationship between beneficiaries' risk level and the type of employment gained. It was found that beneficiaries with high level of risk of harm to children, and that beneficiaries who were Schedule 1 offenders or sex offenders were more likely to gain self employment than other types of employment. ...Click here to download

What Factors Influence ETE Procurement Rates?

This study investigates the factors which determine whether a beneficiary gains an employment, training or education outcome. The report highlights age, sentence length, risk, and number of soft outcomes gained as some of the factors which influence gaining an employment or education outcome.

...Click here to download the full report or click here to download a summary.

Does the Ethnic Origin of a beneficiary determine the service they receive?

As a public organisation, PS Plus has a statutory duty to eliminate discrimination throughout the project and prides itself on its diversity values and ability to promote equality. This report details an investigation into whether a beneficiary's ethnic origin had any effect on whether they recieved employment, education, training or housing while on the PS Plus 2 project. Conclusions confirm that a beneficiary's ethnic background had no significant effect on their ability to gain a hard outcome. ...Click here to download

Beneficiaries Released to the Community in the North-West: Has PS Plus helped to reduce their needs whilst in custody?

PS Plus 3 worked with 7 prison establishments and 2 probation areas within the North-West region. As a result, a large number of beneficiaries were assessed both in custody and while back in the community. This study analyses the key differences between the assessment taken on joining the project in custody and a repeat assessment shortly after returning to the community (RtC). The level of help required with employment, education, alcohol issues and drugs issues were all lower on leaving custody. PS Plus intervention was shown to be a positive factor in contributing to this. ...Click here to download

Needs analysis in ROMs areas (Regional Offender Manager areas)

A comprehensive report of the assessed needs of beneficiaries, broken down according to the six ROMs areas that PS Plus 2 worked in: Eastern, East Midlands, North West, South West, West Midlands and Yorkshire & Humberside.....Click here to download

Offence Analysis

This report details the nature of offences committed by PS Plus beneficiaries, and their subsequent effect on the procurement rate of employment, education & training and accommodation. ...Click here to download

For further information on these studies and any other issues surrounding PS Plus statistics and research, please contact us

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