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September 2007

Ministerial Visit to PS Plus

On the 18th September 2007, PS Plus were honoured to have two distinguished guests at their Warrington head office. Both Helen Jones, MP for Warrington North, and Justice Minister David Hanson MP spent the day with management and staff at Tannery Court where they heard about the project’s achievements to date and discussed its current programmes and options for the future.

Mr Hanson recognised the importance of projects like PS Plus, the largest single ESF funded project in Europe, saying, “The key to making people feel safer is to reduce re-offending. I have a tough task of protecting the public to make sure that dangerous, violent offenders are kept in prison but also to ensure that we stop people re-offending.”

Both visitors saw a demonstration of PS Plus’ unique software package, the Case Administration and Tracking System (CATS), with Mrs Jones adding, “It is a very innovative system that has been developed here in Warrington.”

Ministerial Visit

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